We've been busy catching pests and protecting native wildlife

Monthly reports show a high possum density in our native riparian area, with hundreds caught by our expert contractors. They've also caught a few sneaky stoats and cats. Great news for the native birds and insects that inhabit there!

As a threat to the native wildlife and biodiversity we are striving to protect, controlling pests and reducing their impact has always been crucial to our environmental planning.

Our expert contractors, Call of the Wild, have been busy expanding our infrastructure in the headwaters of the Pueto Stream, installing bait stations and DOC 250 traps. Their monthly reports have shown a high possum density in our native riparian area, with hundreds caught by the team. They’ve also caught a few sneaky stoats and cats. This is great news for the North Island Robin, Kereru, Tomtit, Long Tail Cuckoo, and other native birds and insects who live there.

The team will continue to work their way up the stream and valley system to the remnant podocarp forest at the back of the property. We’ll be monitoring with chew cards and cameras later this year.

Next year, we hope to see these invasive pest species suppressed to near zero numbers in this riparian area. The team have also helped clear the lower reach of this stream where we are also busy removing weed species and planting natives. Ngāti Tahu – Ngāti Whaoa have been learning from Jason, Finn and Josh how to set leg hold traps, what lures to try, and where to set the DOC traps.

Meanwhile, our field crew have also been busy clearing the DOC 200 and 250 lines we have spread throughout the Waiwhakarewaumu and Paetataramoa Streams and the York Wetland. They are mostly catching hedgehogs and rats, but occasionally catch a few cats and stoats. These areas are just humming and we hear the birdlife coming back. We can even see a change in the vegetation that was once stripped coming back. What a win!

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