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Wairakei Estate

Wairakei Estate is one of the largest and most diverse land holdings in the Southern Hemisphere.

From pastoral farming, livestock grazing, forestry, riparian waterways, and restored wetlands, to extensive native planting and birdlife, Wairakei Estate is home to diverse and precious natural resources of significant scale.

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Our Approach

Wairakei Estate aims to take a leading and innovative approach to sustainably developing land, waterways, and other precious resources to achieve their economic potential in a way that delivers long-term environmental results.

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Pamu Farms

As one of Wairakei Estate’s close partners, Pamu Farms runs the dairy farming operations on 12,600ha of pastoral land on the Estate.

Spring Sheep Milk Co. New Zealand

Spring Sheep Milk Co.

Wairakei Estate is home to an ovine dairy unit which produces sheep milk from a flock of 2,100 East Friesian grass-fed pasture raised ewes.

Forestry | Wairakei Estate | New Zealand


7,024ha of the Estate is in a commercial forestry land use, which by 2023 is planned to increase and remain at approximately 8,200ha.

Environmental Sustainability

Wairakei’s strong emphasis on environmental stewardship ensures that consideration of the long-term impact on the land and the community is an intrinsic part of every process, plan, and decision.

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Message from the Chief Executive

“I’m proud to lead a team that is committed to a strong and sustainable business supporting positive environmental, social and economic outcomes.  We work with our partners to take an innovative approach to managing the Estate’s resources.”

— Angela Bull, CEO

Financial Officer: Rob Forsyth

Our News & Community

Spring Sheep Milk Co – Winner at World Dairy Innovation Awards 2021

August 11th, 2021|0 Comments

On the 23rd June 2021,  the winners and finalists in the World Dairy Innovation Awards were announced during a special, virtual ceremony in association with Zenith Global. The judging panel considered 222 entries from 25 [...]

Wairakei Estate 2020 Propagation

November 2nd, 2020|0 Comments

On the 28th October, Mihi School and Liston Heights participated in Wairakei Estate's fifth annual propagation day.

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Tamaki students provide valuable input

July 21st, 2020|0 Comments

Recently Wairakei Estate hosted students requiring knowledge of riparian planting.

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