Hilltop Electives Visit Wairakei Estate

On the 16 June 2017, Hilltop School’s Enviro Electives visited Wairakei Estate. The Hilltop Elective students helped to weed approximately 6,000 of our 2016 propagation plants, ready for planting right alongside a wetland area at York.

They also had an opportunity to visit the Wairakei Estate Bird Sanctuary wetland, where a green and golden bell frog that was found amongst the plants, was released, before they headed back to school.

Collette Taylor’s class will return on 30th July, and help plants the weeded plants on York.

The Electives idea has come as part of Hilltop school moving towards a Ministry initiative, where schools run as an Innovative Learning Environment, where students, through an inquiry approach, take more control of their learning. There are several different electives on offer and the children opt into them, thereby following their interests. The electives run for 9 weeks

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