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Spring Sheep Milk Co.

Wairakei Estate is the home of an ovine dairy unit producing sheep milk from a flock of 2,100 East Friesian grass-fed pasture raised ewes. Established in 2015 by Landcorp on the St Kilda dairy unit the production of Spring Sheep is an exciting new area of pastoral enterprise.

These dairy sheep have been selected especially because of their high quality milk production and fertility rates. They are being closely monitored via a natural genetic improvement programme that is optimising animal health, milk quality, yields and many other farm efficiencies.

The creation of their own fully integrated, controlled supply chain ensures authentic, safe and high quality products with full provenance and traceability. Spring Sheep Milk Co. produces advanced products using nutritious New Zealand sheep milk. Sheep milk is increasingly gaining world attention for all the nutrition, digestibility and taste benefits that it offers.

World-class processing technology

To maintain the highest quality standards the Spring Sheep Milk Co. nurtures their animals and their product every step of the way.

  • Low agitation
    The milk flow is very gently handled to reduce any potential damage that can be caused by high levels of agitation in pipe networks and during tanker transportation. Using the latest state-of-the-art low agitation technologies, all the Spring Sheep Milk Co. systems are designed to reduce damage to the structure of the milk and to protect the quality.
  • Temperature
    The milk is immediately chilled and held at less than 2 degrees Celsius. This inhibits the development of oxidation, which can lead to unpleasant stale flavours in the milk.
  • Data-driven outcomes
    Each milking ewe has a data profile so Spring Sheep know exactly how much protein and fat she is producing, as well as her overall milk volumes. This information monitoring informs relative to the wellbeing of each animal, with their health and the quality of their milk carefully supervised.