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Land Use

Dairying is our primary focus for pastoral land use, complemented with sheep milking, support grazing, cropping and forestry. The land also supports geothermal power generation.

  • Bovine & ovine dairy – Landcorp (12,322 hectares)
  • Forestry – Wairakei Pastoral Limited (7,439 hectares)
  • Grazing – Kiwi Grazing (3,579 hectares)
  • Cropping – Fiber Fresh (1,405 hectares)
  • Geothermal power – Mercury (70 hectares)
  • Retired land – (2,202 hectares)

The Ruahuwai Decision Support Tool, constructed by Wairakei Pastoral Limited shows that with a coherent package of mitigations, intensification of land use on the Estate can occur and the management objectives for the Waikato River can be met or exceeded.

Land use changes within Wairakei Estate will involve up to a further 521ha being developed for farming activities and 8,320ha – 11,490ha (32-45%) to be set aside as planted production forest or for ecological and landscape protection.