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Fiber Fresh

Wairakei Pastoral Limited has formed a valuable partnership with Fiber Fresh, specialist producer of high quality forage feeds. These feeds truly fulfill the nutritional needs of horses and calves and have proven their worth in the difference they make to an animal’s health and performance. Fiber Fresh finds that the clean air and climate of Wairakei Estate is a perfect environment for growing several crops, with lucerne currently being the largest.

Lucerne (alfalfa) offers an outstanding protein content, and has a well-balanced amino acid profile, Fiber Fresh Feeds are all lucerne or lucerne-based. These feeds are sold both nationally and internationally, and are highly sought after, particularly within the international horse racing and breeding sector.

Success has led to rapid expansion by Fiber Fresh who plan to plant an increasing number of crops on Wairakei Estate in the near future to support market demands and subsidiary offices in Japan, the Middle East and Australia, with emerging new markets in China, India and Oman. Annual lucerne production alone is expected to reach 10 million kilos of dry matter by 2021.