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Caring for the Land

We create and source maps of the natural and physical features of the land, whilst checking historic site data to inform our planning. We also consult soil and land use capability maps where required so there are no surprises. This includes careful forest harvest planning, and consultation with stakeholders regarding access road routing help to protect the soil and maximise returns.

Current planning estimates at least 1,250 hectares of the Estate will be retired from productive use. Internal review is a critical element of our processes to ensure we identify sensitive areas promptly as many of these areas are close to waterways. On-going monitoring allows for early protection of these areas through retirement.

The course of action for retirement areas depends on a number of factors including:

  • size of the block
  • its location
  • access
  • slope
  • soil type
  • context within the surrounding landscape.

Some areas are managed to promote natural regeneration, whilst others are planted with a selection of native and exotic trees.