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Waterways Management Plan

Wairakei Estate has developed a series of management plans for all of the key waterways contained within our land in association with Waikato Regional Council. These formal plans are key to our strategy of active management to improve water quality and to protect and enhance all of our waterways. One of the main priorities within our Waterways Management Plan is the removal of animal and plant pests (including wilding pines). In many cases we undertake infill planting within the riparian margins to accelerate regeneration and encourage the development of podocarps.

Stock is excluded from all water bodies and wetlands within Wairakei Estate. Riparian margins are progressively planted with native species and kept pest and weed free, while variable set backs from 5 – 390 metres are achieved from all water bodies (depending on topography) in all livestock and pastoral farming areas on Wairakei Estate.