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Water Usage

Creating the Wairakei Estate Water Dashboard (WEWD)

The Wairakei Estate Water Dashboard has been designed and developed for Wairakei Pastoral Limited by Regen. This AgTech business provides specialist software services to farmers for daily, accurate nitrogen, water and effluent irrigation recommendations. The WEWD was developed drawing on Regen’s expertise in water use management and combining this with data analytics and visualisation to ensure the best outcomes for all users. The WEWD provides a clear and easy way to follow visual representation of key water usage, with the software behind it capable of presenting live information related to water use and consent parameters, including alert notification and reporting.

The core purpose of the WEWD is to provide insight on water use to enable improved management of the resource. The outcomes of improved management are:

  • Eliminate breaches of the water use consents
  • Efficient use of water
  • Confidence and a framework to share the water resource to a wider user base

Along with enabling improved supply and demand management the WEWD provides the ability to transparently report on the actions and outcomes of Wairakei Estate’s water management to all stakeholders.

The purpose of the WEWD is not solely recording and reporting what has happened, but to do so in a way that highlights why it happened. The WEWD improves and increases understanding of how daily management practices can change to prevent overuse – both from an environmental and a regulatory perspective. The path to achieving this is to move from the traditional method of viewing water use as a specific place and point in time, to considering a whole of catchment approach. In the case of Wairakei Estate this means connecting water availability (from the river, streams and bores), water abstraction (water take points) and water use (farm activities).


Pastoral irrigation is used in areas of low and variable rainfall on Wairakei Estate. This enables us to maintain more constant levels of soil moisture to ensure a steady production of dry matter. At Wairakei Estate we use state- of-the-art technology including monitoring of real-time soil data to let us know when and where to irrigate. We use automated pivot irrigation systems that can apply water evenly and more efficiently.