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Biodiversity within Wairakei Estate is also a key factor in relation to ensuring that Wairakei Pastoral Limited’s goals of environmental and recreational sustainability are upheld. We recognise the need to create a balance of exotic and native species to provide an environment that enhances water quality and contributes towards beautification. Each individual business unit has a planting plan that encourages biodiversity.

We create and protect habits for birdlife – tuis, bellbirds, fantails, pukeko, grey ducks, mallard ducks, New Zealand dabchicks, pied stilts and we now have breeding pairs of the rare New Zealand falcon making their home on Wairakei Estate. The contribution that these birds make as organic seed distributors is also valued within the environment.

Currently, we have a total of 31 protected wetlands located within Wairakei Estate. Of this total, three of these were expanded and 12 new wetlands were created and planted in 2018/2019.

We actively manage animal pest control throughout Wairakei Estate, this has been so successful that numbers of bait stations have been increased, to intensify this further. Reducing pests in riparian areas is a critical element in helping to improve biodiversity and achieving sustainability of the environment.

Another initiative by Wairakei Pastoral Limited has been the development a Wilding Pine Control Plan. Beyond the removal and control of wilding pines, this plan includes actions for pest management, to protect natural ecosystems within the Wairakei Estate wetlands, stream and river riparian areas, including remnants of native bush.