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Land Management

The management team of Wairakei Pastoral Limited, incorporates a range of environmental and sustainability measures to ensure any potential impact of the farming operations on the environment are minimized, for the benefit of future generations.

All riparian and wetland areas have dedicated management plans to enhance and encourage their growth and development. These areas are protected with over 423 kilometres of fencing (with an additional 100 kilometres identified to follow). Wairakei Pastoral Limited has permanently retired 750ha of riparian areas with a further 500ha identified for future retirement.

Stock is permanently excluded from all water bodies within Wairakei Estate. Riparian margins are progressively managed over time to encourage the proliferation of native plant species, along with the eradication of flora and fauna pests. The targeted average setback along the Estate’s waterbodies is 15m and 75m along its internal riparian boundaries on the Waikato River edge (depending on topography) in all livestock and pastoral farming areas within the Estate.