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Pamu Farms

Formerly Landcorp Farming Limited, Pamu Farms is New Zealand’s largest corporate farmer.  As one of Wairakei’s close partners, Pamu Farms runs the dairy farming operations on 12,600ha of pastoral land on the Estate.

Wairakei and Pamu Farms have a collaborative approach to the development of the farms and the retirement of land to better suit land use capabilities.

Pamu has adopted processes and technologies for environmentally smart farming, including ensuring there is an allowance for individual variation in each of the 19 dairy platforms established across the Estate.

Warwick Halford, Joan Barendson & Professor Charlotte Severne

Pamu Farms of New Zealand

Each dairy platform conversion operates with its own Land and Environment Plan, based on the results of a comprehensive survey of the soil, topography, waterways and other significant natural features, combined with a history of each farm’s productivity – paddock-by-paddock.

Wairakei Estate farms have won significant environmental awards, including the:

  • Balance Farm Environmental Award
  • Balance Agri-Nutrients Soil Management Award
  • Dairy NZ Sustainability and Stewardship Award
  • Hill Laboratories Agri-Science Award
  • Waterforce Wise with Water Award