Our Values

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A Big Vision

An intergenerational vision

The founding principle for the three New Zealand families who own Wairakei Estate, is to do their very best by the land as guardians. The true value of this stewardship is recognition of the responsibility for the health and vitality of our land, waters and other precious resources this carries. Not only now, but also into the future, managing these resources in a sustainable way to create opportunity for growth and prosperity for generations to come.

To realise this vision the owners of Wairakei Estate dedicate significant resources to gain the best possible understanding of every attribute of this land. They do so in order to be in the most favourable position to create the best outcomes relative to protecting the land, while also achieving its full potential.

Decisions, strategies and planning for Wairakei Estate are all directed towards securing and supporting a sustainable environment for future generations. They choose to lead by example, with an unwavering focus on developing and implementing best practices, while looking beyond, and exceeding, standard regulatory requirements.

Custodial Partners

Wairakei Estate is located within the Ngāti Tahu – Ngāti Whaoa rohe (area) and is managed in accordance with principles that are closely aligned to those of this tribe. As custodians of the land, Wairakei Pastoral Limited takes an inter-generational view and can be seen as kaitiaki or guardians for future generations. Wairakei Pastoral Limited has a close working relationship with the Ngāti Tahu – Ngāti Whaoa iwi, who assist us to ensure that development of Wairakei Estate protects sites of cultural significance and taonga (treasures).

The development of environmental management plans and monitoring programmes for Wairakei Estate have taken into account the views of hapu and iwi, both at a local and regional level. This has ensured that the appropriate cultural issues are respected and can be addressed, with proper provision made for their inclusion in our environmental planning.

A number of the adaptive management measures taken within the Estate such as stock exclusion fencing and the establishment of riparian strips along waterways respond directly to known hapu and iwi views and concerns over erosion and water quality.

Wairakei Pastoral Limited is currently working closely with the runanga (tribal council) on a number of projects within the rohe that will affect the way the Wairakei Estate is managed. By way of example, Wairakei Pastoral Limited is supporting the development of the Ngatamariki Scenic Reserve/Orakanui Stream Restoration Management Plan. We are also providing assistance in the Mahinga Kai surveys, which will help the runanga to gain further knowledge on species presence and absence, in the watercourses within the rohe.

Leading sustainable land use

Recognising that the effective management of natural resources is key to New Zealand’s future and its prosperity, Wairakei Estate’s strong emphasis on environmental stewardship ensures that sustainability is an intrinsic part of our process.

Along with our fiscal responsibilities, each decision we take for the Estate, includes consideration of the long-term value for the environment, as well as the needs of the community.

The Wairakei Estate management covers a range of disciplines, including a dedicated environmental team tasked with the enhancement and development of its existing management practices. This team is acutely aware of the environmental challenges to be faced across the Estate and has established an enterprise-wide monitoring programme to ensure these are identified and actions taken.

Our place within the community

The sheer scale of Wairakei Estate and its activities stimulates the New Zealand economy at local, regional and national levels, through its capital development programme, as well as its on-going operational expenditure.

Wairakei Estate is a significant employer within the district and we are committed to the responsibilities that come with providing an exemplary work environment and a positive culture, supporting our people and making it possible for them to thrive.

We are also dedicated to being good neighbours, while we value, build and sustain relationships with local iwi, business partners, people in the industry and our wider community.

Our respect for the landscape

We take great pride in caring for, and enhancing, our landscape – with extensive plantings across Wairakei Estate bearing testament to this. Our long-term commitment is also evident with the distinctive, handcrafted stone wall gateway entrances we have built for each farm. These lead in to avenues of selected specimen trees unique to each property, with poplars chosen to create a common link between them all. Our beautification team has also planted extensive roadside copses and shelterbelts in order to reduce potential soil loss, provide welcome shelter for stock, and to create and enhance habitat corridors for native birds.