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Gateway Programme

This programme is designed to give senior students (Years 11-13) a head start in their chosen career by providing a pathway between school and the workplace. Structured workplace learning is assessed and evaluated through unit or achievement standards and students can have these credited towards national qualifications or a Vocational Pathways Award.

The Gateway Programme also opens up opportunities for potential apprenticeships and future employment and is an especially valuable tool to help students decide on the best career for them via practical experience.

Wairakei Estate welcomes Ethan Asher

Wairakei Estate supports the Gateway Programme and is pleased to have Taupo Nui a Tia student, Ethan Asher, working with the Kiwi Grazing team for one day a week over this next school term.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Ethan was inducted into our Wairakei Health & Safety Management Programme in advance of joining Aaron Church on Tauhara Farm.
On arrival at the Farm Aaron gave Ethan instruction on how to check the tyre pressure and how to drive the side-by-side, how to drive the tractor and how to erect temporary elastic fencing.

Thursday, 09 August 2018

Ethan assisted Brent Campin, Block Manager at Ponderosa Dairy Unit. Ethan learnt how to use a bolus or balling gun to efficiently administer oral medication to the heifers.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

After a short absence to sit exams Ethan returned to Wairakei Estate to spend time with Paul Mason, Block Manager at Tainui Dairy Unit. The morning was spent shifting stock around the various blocks, checking on aspects of animal health and Paul also showed Ethan how to undertake pasture analysis.

The afternoon was spent erecting some fencing, old school style, by digging the fence post holes manually and ramming in the fence posts.