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Our Approach

Wairakei Estate’s focus on environmental responsibility is at the heart of its partnerships with iwi, businesses, and the community.

Developing partnerships with leading organisations is an integral part of our approach to achieving the level of diversification required to achieve the best use of the land and its natural resources in a sustainable manner. Our partners are world class and strive for excellence in all they do.

Wairakei Estate aims to take a leading and innovative approach to sustainably developing land, waterways, and other precious resources to achieve their economic potential in a way that delivers long-term environmental results.

We believe that the effective management of natural resources is key to New Zealand’s future and its prosperity.  Along with our fiscal responsibilities, Wairakei’s strong emphasis on environmental stewardship ensures that consideration of the long-term impact on the land and the community is an intrinsic part of every process, plan, and decision.

We take great pride in caring for and enhancing our landscape through our native tree planting and beautification programmes to foster healthy ecosystems that benefit everyone. From riparian planting to preventing erosion and increasing habitat for native wildlife, to creating and regenerating wetlands to clean the water and support a greater concentration of wildlife, a healthy eco-system provides an environment for birds, fish and lizards to return  – all of which have no physical boundaries.

Balancing pastoral farming and conservation areas

The development of Wairakei Estate requires the land use to be continuously evolved to maintain an appropriate balance between pastoral farming and cropping activities, and conservation areas, essential to achieving both environmental and economic sustainability.

Constant monitoring and review of the land usage is a critical element of Wairakei’s processes, ensuring sensitive areas are promptly identified.  Many of these areas are close to waterways and on-going monitoring allows for early protection of these areas through proactive retirement.

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