||Supporting Elyse

Supporting Elyse

When news reached management and staff, at Wairakei Estate, that Bounty Dairy Unit’s, Farm Manager, Jamie Johnson’s young daughter Elyse, needed help and support for a serious medical condition, there was a call to action.  Chief Executive Officer, Chris Parkinson, canvassed staff for fundraising ideas to help Jamie’s family – Elyse had been diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour in April 2016, with an expected survival time of 2-9 months.

For the past two and a half years Elyse’s family have used alternative medicines effective in killing tumours and helping her body to fight for life. This has proved to be successful and Elyse’s latest MRI brain and spinal scan shows the tumour continues to reduce in size, her symptoms are subsiding and she is steadily regaining her mobility.

Knowing that this treatment is very expensive and the family needs help to be able to continue along this path with Elyse, Wairakei Estate organised an estate-wide scrap metal collection to raise funds. Money raised from scrap metal collections would normally go into a social fund and be used for an outing for all the staff, however the staff chose to give this money to support Elyse. Management committed to doubling the amount raised by their efforts, while also paying them for the day they spent collecting metal.

The collection extended to our suppliers in town who also were able to contribute scrap metal. We would like to thank Steelworx Engineering, Terrain Industries, Tomo Saws and Mowers, John Frew Farmwater Specialist and Campbell and Potts – who all donated to our collection.

If you too, would like to support Elyse, please visit givealittle.co.nz/cause/supporting-elyse
Please share this information with your own circle of family, friends and colleagues too.

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